Gender: Male
Occupation: Drug Dealer, Smuggler
Affiliations: Junkies, American Mafia
Allies: Ostap Tarasich, Don Corleone
Enemies: Captain Pronin
Appearances: Captain Pronin - Grandson of Major Pronin, Captain Pronin in the USA
Swistunov is the only recurring villian in Captain Pronin Superstar who appears in the first two episodes. He's the leader of the Junkies who worked for Ostap Tarasich and his drug operation and is also a smuggler for the American Mafia. Like his fellow junkies, he's a fan of heavy metal music and takes illicit drugs such as marijuana and crack. Swistunov is known to be a nuisance to Captain Pronin who is repeatedly apprehended by him or the Russian police. His name (pronounced as Svistunov) is Russian for "Whistler".