Aliases/Nicknames: The Woman
Gender: Female
Date of Death: Crushed by traffic sign
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: Assassin, Lackey of Tarasich
Affiliations: The Doctors, The Ninjas
Allies: Ostap Tarasich
Enemies: Captain Pronin
Appearances: Captain Pronin - Grandson of Major Pronin
Putana is a major villian in the episode Captain Pronin - Grandson of Major Pronin that is sent out by Ostap Tarasich to dispose of Captain Pronin. She has no mentioned name outside of her initiative against Pronin being called plan "Putana", which is an Italian slang word for slut. She first attempts to kill Pronin in an apartment room but fails to do so, leaving to her having to capture Miss Pronin and assist in detaining Pronin after he fought off Tarasich's Ninjas. After Pronin escapes the drug lab, Putana takes off in the ambulance with his wife but crashes into a road safety sign, and fails to kill him with her machine-gun due to his bulletproof vest.