Ostap Tarasich
Gender: Male
Occupation: Crooked Official, Drug Lord
Allies: Swistunov, Putana, Myshyakovich
Enemies: Captain Pronin, James Bond
Appearances: Captain Pronin - Grandson of Major Pronin
Ostap Tarasich is Captain Pronin's former superior officer and the main antagonist of the first episode Captain Pronin - Grandson of Major Pronin. While he was a respected colonel of the Russian police, he turns out to be corrupt since he's the head of a drug operation with his subordinates Swistunov, Putana, Myshyakovich and his fellow "dentists" as well as a group of ninjas. In the end he was apprehended by Captain Pronin with the assitance of Major Pronin and James Bond. His real surname is Mentura (a slang word for the police), as it was written on his office nameplate.