Ninjas - is a subtype of Ostap Tarasich's mafia. Only appears in first movie as Ostap's assasins, executing the plan "Dentist". Ninjas have a high agility level, so they climbed in the window.

The Ninjas have only one response, sad by caught ninja - "Моя побили! Милиционер уж шибко больно дерётся. Моя буду делать Харакири!".

Appearance Edit

Wearing a black ninja baggy clothes that hide their faces. Using a samurai sword or just fight with bare hands.

Skills Edit

Ninjas have appropriate fighting skills to normal japanese ninjas. They very agile, masterfully owns his weapons, strong and fast.

Fate Edit

Fate of the caught Ninja is unknown. 2 ninjas that escape appears again in captions, falling and lifting his hands up. It most likely imaged that they crashed on the ground.