Don Corleone
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Mob Boss
Affiliations: American Mafia
Allies: Car Man, Swistunov
Enemies: Captain Pronin, Mr. President
Appearances: Captain Pronin in the USA
Don Corleone (Pronounced as Don Carlione in the episode) is the boss of the American Mafia and the main antagonist of the episode Captain Pronin in the USA. He is named after the same character from the famous Godfather movies and an off-key spoof of the iconic theme song is heard as Corleone uses his computer to identify that Captain Pronin disguised himself as Swistunov. In his sole episode, Corleone threatens to assassinate Mr. President with his cyborg weapon Car Man, causing the president to have trouble sleeping at night. However this catches the attention of Captain Pronin who then goes to New York to apprehend him.