Капитан Пронин Captain Pronin Theme (Extended Full Mix)

Капитан Пронин Captain Pronin Theme (Extended Full Mix)

The theme song to Captain Pronin

Captain Pronin Superstar is a 90's cartoon series created by Ecran/Soyuztelefilm studio and directed by Mikhail Zaytsev as a pardody of the western action movies that came into the country shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union. Seeing that this was shortly after the Soviet Union went under in 1991, Russia's economy wasn't really cut out for animation which resulted in the series animation quality being worse than the rest of the world's standards would have been in the 1970's.

Captain Pronin is also partially based off Lev Ovalov's Major Pronin novels, a Soviet Russian equivalent of James Bond.

The series consisted of four episodes spread across 1992-1994, a couple books, and it even spawned a adventure game for the PC and Playstation called Captain Pronin - One Against All.

List of EpisodesEdit

Captain Pronin - Grandson of Major Pronin 1992 - Pronin investigates and cracks down on a local narcotics syndicate.

Captain Pronin in the USA 1993 - Pronin goes to New York City to go after the American Mafia and their boss Don Corleone.

Captain Pronin in Space 1993 - Pronin takes the entrance exam for the academy, but is transported into a ship of war-mongering aliens who see Pronin as a threat to their agenda.

Captain Pronin at the Opera 1994 - Pronin investigates the rumored killings of those who play Lensky in a local opera house's playings of Eugene Onegin.