Captain Pronin Superstar Episode 1

Captain Pronin Superstar Episode 1

Captain Pronin - Grandson of Major Pronin is the first episode of Captain Pronin Superstar from late 1992, where Captain Pronin cracks down on a Russian drug syndicate.


The episode begins with a brief non-spoken exposition of Captain Pronin being raised by his grandfather Major Pronin in the form of a gallery of photos of the two. During this Pronin's superior officer Ostap Tarasich calls him about a new assignment to investigate on a disturbance at a cafe he knows called Malina. As Pronin heads out he is reminded by his wife Miss Pronin to bring his bulletproof vest with him.

Captain Pronin arrives at Malina and encounters the Junkies with the repeat-offending Swistunov at the bar. After disarming a group of aggressive lackeys, Pronin questions Swistunov regarding where he gets his drugs from. Swistunov tells him that he got them from Camel and as Pronin leaves, he phones his boss about the situation. The currently unidentified boss then tells Svist that he'll send Putana after Pronin. At the Camel building Putana tricks Captain Pronin into a room and attempts to kill him but ends up having to jump out the window, leaving Pronin with her purse that has an address book with potential evidence.

The boss then initiates plan "Dentist" and sends his Ninjas to ambush Pronin at his place. After fighting off the ninjas, Captain Pronin is detained by Putana who also abducted his wife earlier on. He is put in a straight-jacket and then hauled off in an ambulance to a drug production lab, there he's placed before Myshyakovich who often does experimental stomatology to his victims. James Bond stops Myshyakovich and frees Captain Pronin who then heads off to go after Putana who is trying to run off with Miss Pronin. Putana then crashes her ambulance into a road safety sign and tries to shoot Pronin the moment he's reunited with his wife before realizing he has a bulletproof vest on. Captain Pronin then goes to Ostap Tarasich's office to inform him of what he found out, but Tarasich reveals himself as the drug lord and tries to kill Pronin only to be interrupted by Major Pronin barging in with James Bond in his hands. Afterwards every suspect of the drug operation including Tarasich is arrested and put into custody.