Captain Pronin
Film 6180 00
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Red
Occupation: Agent/Detective
Grandfather: Major Pronin
Spouse: Ms. Pronin
Allies: James Bond
Enemies: Junkies, American Mafia, Ostap Tarasich
Voice Actor: Igor Wernick

Captain Pronin is the titular protagonist of Captain Pronin Superstar and Captain Pronin - One Against All. He is a Russian detective who is highly skilled with just about any weapon as well as fighting with his bare hands. Pronin strives for maintaing law and order not only in Russia but also around the world, whether it means dealing with local drug pushers like Swistunov and Ostap Tarasich or cracking down on the American Mafia in their backyard.

Past lifeEdit

There are no sign of the captain's parents in the series whatsoever, implying that he was raised strictly by his grandfather Major Pronin who not only educated him but also taught him the skills of his trade. Later on in life Captain Pronin gets married to Ms. Pronin.